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KS Environmental

KS Environmental | Commercial waste and recycling collections

KS Environmental

KS Environmental will help your business cut the waste. Waste removal has long been considered a necessary evil and that's because every single person contributes, often without any thought of what happens next. But not us.

KS Environmental has the waste management services your business needs to keep on top of the waste you product, but we offer you so much more than that. We believe that what you put into a waste container is the end result of everything you do and our consultants can help you reduce the amount of waste you create and divert that waste from going to landfill.

With KS Environmental you will improve your environmental sustainability with:

• Convenient waste collection and waste removal services
• Business recycling services to reduce your landfill expenses
• Liquid waste removal including oil, grease, sewerage and water cartage
• Sweeping services across all sorts of surfaces
• Comprehensive and cost effective cleaning and facility management services
• Waste management consultants to help you reduce waste and maximise efficiency

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KS Environmental has been family owned and operated since 1967 and our core values haven't changed. We offer you a quality, reliable and flexible service so that your commercial waste management is cost effective and hassle free.

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