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KSB Pumps in China

Supplier: KSB Australia
03 February, 2011

As the world’s fourth largest economy, China offers companies an attractive market.

There are currently around 100 cities in China with a population of more than a million people. Experts from McKinsey Global Institute estimate that this number will increase to 221 by 2025 as a result of a further 350 million people migrating from the country to the cities. These figures clearly illustrate the challenge which inward migration poses for urban planners and both central and provincial governments in China.

The limits to the country’s rapid, unstructured growth are already visible today: the water supply for many cities is not secured, electricity is becoming scarce and improvements of the road networks and regional public transport cannot keep pace with developments.

Despite all the progress that China has made, extensive investments are still necessary to modernise the water and power supply systems and environmental protection nationwide. To resolve these problems the central governments announced an investment programme worth 800 billion dollars in November 2008.

Since 1978, as China’s largest manufacturer of pumps KSB has been making the most of the growing market opportunities. Since KSB entered the Chinese market, by 10 years of hard work the company has set up four company branches, employed about 900 KSB professional staff and established more than 30 service centers as well as agencies.

KSB is now leading the pump market in China and has become the most important supplier of technically advanced pump products in the country. It enjoys a very high reputation in the market of water, waste water, power plants, industry, chemical and petrochemical processes, building services and irrigation projects.

KSB is a tried and trusted partner for Chinese customers and international companies operating in the country. A broad range of products on offer, from standard pumps and valves for industry to individually manufactured products for large power plants, covers the most important needs in the Chinese market.

KSB China has a total of four company branches:

  • KSB Shanghai Pump Co. Ltd.
  • KSB Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Dalian KSB AMRI Valves Co, Ltd.
  • KSB Valves (Shanghai) Co, Ltd.

Additionally, with the opening of the Western Sales Centre, a 4-centre national sales structure of KSB China Pump was created in 2007.

Guided by management philosophies of the KSB Group, KSB China is committed to satisfying the needs of customers at home and abroad, providing the highest level of quality, reliability and service.

China’s hunger for energy has remained insatiable for many years. In particular, coal –fired power plants with outputs of 1,000 megawatts or more shaped the building projects of the energy sector in recent years. Nuclear power has started to gain ground and its share of power supplies is set to increase four percent by 2020. Sixty nuclear power stations with outputs of 1,000 to 1,600 MW are to be built within twelve years.

KSB Shanghai Pump Co. Ltd, a KSB Company in which the Shanghai Electric Group (SEC) holds a 20 percent interest, manufactures most of the power station pumps for the Chinese market in – house. Power plants valves are contributed by KSB Valves (Shanghai) Co Ltd, which is likewise based in Shanghai and also sells valves for industrial and water engineering applications.

The swing to nuclear technology is accompanied by the founding of a new joint venture again with Shanghai Electric Company. The new production plant will supply new power plants with ultra-reliable pumps and valves technology over the next few years.

China has some catching up to do not only in power supply sector but major infrastructure projects are under way to supply water for the growing urban population and also for the agricultural hinterland of the industrial regions. A south – north canal is planned, for example to carry river water from South China, mainly from the Yangtze, to the dry north of the country.

KSB is supplying equipment for pumping stations for this huge project. Increase importance is given to environmental protection and numerous large treatment plants are been built to improve water pollution control with KSB products.

KSB is a leading supplier of innovative pumps, valves and systems. With products that are used in industry and building services, in the water and waste water sector, and in energy generation and mining, KSB transports almost every sort of fluid, including clean water, aggressive and explosive media, and mixtures of liquids and solids.

For further information, please contact KSB Australia Pty Ltd, Buddhika Ariyagama on (03) 9316 6612, or visit www.ksb.com.au.