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Label & Barcode Printers

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Techspan offer Thermal Transfer Label & Barcode printers suited to a range of applications. From standard 'desk-top' printers, Industrial models, to new RFID smart label ready printers.

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RFID Ready Printers

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID for short, allows wireless transmission of information for product identification.

This new technology delivers huge advantages to the retailer, including uninterrupted traceability of the merchandise within the supply chain, optimization of order management, as well as enhanced product availability.

Techspan's B-SX4 range of printers can be easily updated using an RFID kit; data can then be encoded to "smart labels' using RFID transponders of different standards and frequencies.

A new intergrated feature of the B-SX4 and B-SX5 printers, is the 'head-up' function. This unique feature raises the printer head above the delicate microchip, exactly at the moment when a messae is being written on an RFID transponder label.

This innovative design feature allos longer MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of the printer and zero-chance of damage to the microchip on the label.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. In its simplest form, an integrated circuit on a small silicon chip is attached to a small, flexible antenna, creating a 'Tag'

The integrated circuit provides data storage to record and store information. A reader send a signal to the 'Tag'. The 'Tag' absorbs some of the RF energy from the reader signal and then reflects the RF energy as a return radio signal containing information from its memory.

RFID offer a number of advantages over conventional barcode identification - RFID does not require "Line of Sight" to the 'Tag' reader, while barcode scanners need to "See" the barcode to read it. Standard barcodes only identify the manufacturer and product, and not unique items.

RFID allows for individual items to have a unique identifier and can ID many items at once.

Label Rewinders & Unwinders

Techspan supply a range of Label Rewinders. Compatible with all Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal printers. Electronic speed control to ensure winding speeds of the label printer.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons TTR

Techspan supply a full range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons. For further information covering our TTR Ribbons click here.

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