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Label Printers / Spectra Dual Print

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Labels are important information carriers. In order to get a fast overview in the flood of labels, coloured accentuations are an important orientation guide.

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Label Printers / Spectra Dual Print

  • Two-coloured printing with the Spectra Dual Print

With this unique innovation, Carl Valentin GmbH from Villingen-Schwenningen sets new benchmarks in the labelling industry.

The tightened law requirements in the meat industry gave the impulse to argue more intensively with the coloured marking of labels. So far it was usual to provide a blank label with black-and-white important information but now due to an European Union demand a blue strip must be placed onto the label, in order to ensure the recognition of information and readability of bar codes.

Because of the fact that printing systems existing in meat industry were exclusively specified on black-and-white print, it must have been a possibility within the scope of attaching the text information to effect parallel a coloured marking.

The attaching of this additional blue strip is possible by printing of the label manufacturer in the prefabrication, but this causes additional costs.

Alternatively the labelling company could extend the information later manually, but this is a solution which is not possible due to reasons of the food hygiene in the meat industry.

Carl Valentin GmbH reacted to this problem and developed a variable labelling solution which had its approach exactly here.

The Spectra label printer provides the possibility of a two-coloured technology. That means in practice that besides the usual black-and-white print any other desired colour can now be printed problem-free on the label. All colours are not mixable spot colours.

In order that two colour stations are active in one printer is thereby not a revolutionary new manner. Technically seen since longer possible to print two or four colours one behind the other.

For reasons of economy, so far many users did not use coloured accentuation of information. With the now offered solution, Carl Valentin bridges a gap in the marked that is unique regarding the price/performance ratio.

Printer as organisation assistance

From the new possibilities of coloured labelling profit however also other branches of business. The times in those printed labels were bought and stored are past. The printer with two colour rolls acts as good organisation assistance in business always where coloured marking of goods and packaging are meaningful.

 An example is the retail trade - with the new labelling possibilities special offers can be provided cost-effective with an additional label and so this can animate the customer to make a purchase. This trend-setting innovation opens in logistics and forwarding easier and more economical labelling possibilities.

The storage of electrical appliances which are marked e.g. quarterly with another colour, facilitates orientation in stock. Imaginable is also another colour for each weekday in order to receive optically the correct overview immediately.

The technology provides good services also in quality management. In automobile industry in that daily a multiplicity of parts are examined, the labelling with a coloured label is an easy possibility of control. Already on the ribbon, the message of the label 'disabled="disabled"' or 'OK' can be recognised at first view.

The Spectra DualPrint is available in different versions. By the use of a new 32-bit RISC processor the Spectra is one of the fastest label printers on the market. In a spit second a label is generated with text, bar code or graphics and printed with a print speed up to 300 mm/s.

A newly developed rotation cutter or a label dispensing unit, guarantee fast processing of labels. With the internal Ethernet 10/100 Base-T interface, parameters and printer status can be set and indicated by a Web browser.

The printers are also prepared for RFID technology. With the RFID module the so-called 'smart labels' can be programmed. These RFID chips, also called transponders, are being written and read by a corresponding write/read unit with a standardized frequency.

Parallel to this, the label is printed. In connection with our label design software Labelstar PLUS, we offer a complete system that is compatible.

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