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Lam Technologies DS10 Series Micro-stepping Drives

Supplier: R.T. Nollet

Micro stepping drivers 20V…240V 0.8Arms ….10Arms with step and direction signalling.

Price Guide: POA

Recently added new (A) series with AC input also please consult with us.

  • Resolution up to 25600 step/rev (decimal and binary resolution adjustable)
  • High step frequency std models over 300KHZ ( high speed models > 1MHZ)
  • Wide range of power supply…most models now also with AC input
  • Resonance damping and highly accurate current control chopper >20KHZ
  • Automatic or manual current reduction via timer or external trigger input
  • High efficiency MOSFET driver output stages.
  • Inputs for STEP/DIRECTION/ENABLE/BOOST all 3…30VDC all opto isolated.
  • Inputs can be wired for NPN, PNP or LINE DRIVER as + and - terminals are provided
  • Ideal for use with PLC high speed outputs or NC/CNC controller cards.
  • Drivers are very well protected over/under voltages, shorts on windings etc
  • Overheating protection with build in temperature sensor.
  • Fault output signals external devices via an opto coupler output
  • real time monitoring via the program /debug port (with use of the UDP30)
  • DIN RAIL mount slim line housing ideal for control cabinet applications..easy and quick
  • Connectors take up to 2.5MM cable easy to prepare and disconnect .
  • Very high spec drivers at a low price.

These DS10 drives are programmed with the UDP30 programmer tool.

The UDP commander software is free of charge and always downloadable for free.

Software specifications.

The UDP commander software sets all the parameters inside the drive.

Step resolution per rev…current…time out to standby current….etc etc…

All signals into the opto isolated inputs can be inverted or they can be forced on or off.

Gating the drives is also possible so if multiple drives can be connected to a single high speed pulse output signal ( if no simultaneous multi axis move is needed)

All inputs and data can be monitored inside the UDP commander terminal program.

Firmware upgrades to the hardware are also done with this software.


Stepper motors and drivers are used in many area's of factory automation.

Some examples are.

  • High speed labelling machines.
  • High speed indexing on cut to length machines
  • Super high accuracy and high speed positioning on inspection machines
  • Precise moves on telescopes ( high step resolution combined with fine pitch screw)
  • Automatic cutting and routing machines with PC controllers (DXF files and Gerber plots)
  • Ultra sonic welding machines (positioning of HF horns on plastic parts)
  • Batch feeders on plastic injection moulders (mixing of granules)
  • Edge guiding of materials (movement on large rollers guiding material into slitters etc ..)