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Laminating Line | FRITSCH | LAMINATOR 300/3000

Supplier: JB & Brothers Pty Ltd

FRITSCH LAMINATOR 300/3000 Laminating Line technology produces top quality sheets of dough typifying the degree of structure and taste you desire. This is the ideal starting point for all high quality baked goods.

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The LAMINATOR 300/3000 will enable you to work effectively with the greatest variety of dough ranging from short dough types to those of the pastry, danish and yeast variety. And last but not least: the soft dough of today's trendy baked goods like the modern baguette or the rustic ciabatta. The LAMINATOR 3000 makes possible as few as 4 and as many as 144 layers - depending on the line configuration and the number of folding channels.

Quality of your baked goods is determined early in the process and above all when the dough sheet is being formed. Here it is essential to preserve and maintain the desired consistency of the dough during laminating - even when large quantities of dough and/or mostly natural dough is being worked.

And this is why FRITSCH have developed SoftProcessing © technology - a system consisting of dough-specific components and constructive solutions that allow for the ideal combination of precise formation, gentle treatment and high output.

At the heart of this technology is the FRITSCH satellite head, which is also provided in special models for special dough types. Despite its high reduction degree, the satellite head treats the dough gently while occupying very little space. Additionally, it is precise and exceedingly flexible in its modes of operation, and can thus conform remarkably well to the individual requirements of different dough types.

For detailed information about industrial scale LAMINATOR 3000 please see LAMINATOR 3000 Brochure.

LAMINATOR 300 is a system that can proudly claim to have basically everything LAMINATOR 3000 has without having to invest in a high-performance industrial line. Only in one important aspect does the FRITSCH LAMINATOR 300 differ from the "bigger" solution when laminating: its performance is trimmed precisely to the needs of bakeries that turn out between 200 and 1000 kilos of dough per hour -- and as much as 1,500 kilos during dough block production times.

For detailed information about LAMINATOR 300 please see LAMINATOR 300 Brochure.

Features / Specifications

  • Cost-effective processing of the most varied dough types – a key to variety in your product range
  • Outstanding product quality during laminating thanks to the gentle working of the dough made possible by FRITSCH SoftProcessing ©
  • Considerable drop in operating costs
  • Low-maintenance and maintenance-friendly, i.e. designed for uninterruptible operation and high profitability
  • Short conversion times, speedy product changes
  • High automation comfort: up to 100 programs available at the push of a button
  • Robust stainless-steel construction. Durable, hygienically unobjectionable
  • Infrequent cleaning, easy cleaning
  • Choice of analog, digital or external computer controls
  • Coherently integratable into the FRITSCH Production line concept
  • Made in Germany