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Supplier: AEM Cores
18 February, 2010

Laminations can be used for the manufacture of chokes or power transformers.

Compared to UNICOREs, straight lamination magnetic losses and assembly (stacking) time are much greater. Whilst stacked laminations can generally be produced at a cheaper rate per kilogram, it is important to look at the total cost equation. Due to the greater efficiency of UNICOREs, a smaller and lighter core can be used.

When this reduced materials and reduced assembly time are taken into account, it is often found that a UNICORE such as the DUO-core is actually cheaper.

The increased efficiency of the UNICORE based transformer will provide the end user with reduced power consumption and therefore operating costs over the life of the transformer.

Lamination Types

The Unicore Machine is only able to produce rectangular (90 degree cut) laminations. Mitred (45 degree cut) and "notched" laminations are not possible.