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Landed Cost Tracking & Import Cost Accounting Software

Supplier: Capital Office Business Software

The Importing & Shipment Special Costing system is designed to assist importers exporters or those for whom shipping costs represent a significant portion of a stock item's total cost.

Price Guide: POA

Multiple purchase orders can be consolidated onto a single costing 'job'. Currency conversions are handled automatically, and freight, shipping, local cartage, duty and other charges may be factored into your final inventory cost value.

GST can be carried through the costing process onto supplier invoices, but is excluded from affecting your inventory cost value.

A landed cost or local cost history is maintained, so you can easily compare the last shipment cost with the current cost.

The costing 'job' is then allocated against one or more supplier invoices.

Supplier account balances, shipping history, and inventory cost and stock levels are updated in the one procedure. A shipment costing report can be printed, as well as stock labels.

Fully Integration - Shipment jobs updates stock control, supplier accounting and expense allocations in the general ledger.

Multiple Suppliers - Shipping costs and goods may be allocated to multiple suppliers. For example, the overseas supplier, the freight forwarder and the local courier.

Multiple Purchase Orders - Multiple purchase orders from your business software may be selected for costing or any partial combination of purchase orders.

Weight & Volume - Weight & volume information may be adjusted during the cost assignment process.

Flexible Costing - Any shipment may be selectively costed using any combination of these methods:

  • Proportion cost by price
  • Proportion cost by weight
  • Proportion cost by volume
  • Selective proportioning by price, weight or volume.
  • Manual input/assignment of cost (at any time).

Stock Labels - Stock labels (including or excluding bar codes) may be printed for goods taken into stock.

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