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Largest DAVI plate roll installation in the world to date: 4000 x 250 mm (12'x 10") capacity

Supplier: Fabrication Equipment Supplies
18 March, 2009

The largest DAVI plate roll installation in the world to date: 4000 x 250 mm (12'x 10") capacity. Application: Nuclear Energy storage in China

Due to their "high" standards for reliability and high performances in dedicated products, their recognition as the "official" world leader and supplier for wind tower production lines (on shore and off shore) for wind-energy generators, Davi continues to be recognized for their technological advancement for some of the most strategic uses.

For the very few Chinese enterprises with the authorization to produce components tied to the "Nuclear" market, Davi's advanced technology is chosen and recognized for it's relative importance.

Once again, Davi is the choice of one of the most powerful machines ever produced in the world. A plate roll with variable axis design which can bend cold steel plate up to 4000 x 250 mm (12'x 10").

Davi plate rolls provide exceptional performances. Due to their reliability, ease of use, highly advanced CNC and last but not least, after-sales service and support. The structure, design and massive size of this machine exemplifythe high technological content of DAVI machines.

Davi is proud to know that their technology is used and appreciated by many of these important customers such as those in the nuclear segment. This is further proof that where performance, safety and assurance of quality products may not be compromised.

Davi is the market leader worldwide in the manufacture bending machines including plate rolls, wind tower lines, beam benders and folding machines.

Thanks to more then forty year old history and a highly developed R&D unit, Davi continues to offer State of the Art CNC technology combined with years of experience in industrial automation together with components of absolutely the highest quality (eg. Rexroth, Siemens, Heidenhain, SKF, etc.). These factors have all contributed to the leadership position that Davi undisputedly holds today.

Davi subsidiaries or valued business partners worlwide can count on in-house specialist after sales technical customer service and support unit (totally independent from sales). Wherever your DAVI machine is in the world... we are only a phone call away.

Nasa, Airbus and Caterpillar have chosen Davi machines, too