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Larox SC Vacuum Disc Filter

Supplier: Outotec

Larox SC Vacuum Disc Filter Applications

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Bulk Mined Products
• Iron ore pelletising feed
• Tailings for dry or paste disposal
• Industrial minerals

Years of Trouble Free, Cost-effective Performance
We offer different models of vacuum disc fi lters, each designed to keep maintenance costs and energy use down. For reliable, economic performance, we offer tensector discs with diameters of 6 ft. 9 in. and 9 ft./2.75 m. If you demand higher performance, we also offer sixteensector discs with diameters of 8 ft. 2 in./2.5 m and 9 ft. 4 in.

All Scanmec vacuum disc fi lters employ simple components and low-cost wear parts to simplify
maintenance and minimize downtime. For example, fi ltrate tubes are mounted externally so they can be easily and rapidly replaced when they wear out. Inexpensive trunnionbearing liners are also designed to be easy to replace. To extend the life of wear parts, the vacuum head includes multiple lubrication ports and the valve and wear plates come with allowance for re-machining. Rigid cast iron wear plates result in reduced leakage and a heavy duty, enclosed chain drive adds durability and reliability.

Greater Productivity
Keeping dewatering costs down depends on using machinery that delivers the highest effi ency. All Scanmec vacuum disc fi lters include the following features to help you boost reliability.
• Large flow areas in sector-neck and fi ltrate tubes to ensure smooth fl ow and low vacuum loss
• Staggered fl ow-tubes for more effi cient cake removal
• External blow-port indicator to ensure correct snap-blow timing
• Filter tanks that prevent slurry overfl ow into cake chutes
• Bottom agitators to prevent settling and keep slurry homogenous

Why Choose Vacuum Filters?
Dewatering of mineral slurries can be achieved in a number of ways, among which disc fi lters account for the largest production tonnage. The overall cost of the dewatering process must be kept to a minimum. For fi lter applications where the duty is to fi lter large tonnages with a moisture for typical iron ore, the Scanmec high quality machinery with low maintenance demand, and effi cient use of energy, is the optimal choice.

The Scanmec Vacuum Disc Filters are operating world wide, all with good results. Our fi lters have proven their superiority during a period of more than 20 years, and Larox is continously working with product development for further improvement. In the USA many operations have converted to Scanmec Vacuum Disc Filters from other common fi lter suppliers. The results from these conversions have shown an average increase in production rate with the same moisture of about 50%, in addition to a reduction in maintenance costs.

Scope of supply
• Individual vacuum disc filter
• Complete fi lter stations with necessary auxiliary equipment
• Retrofits of existing filters

Standard filter models are SC-69, SC-25, SC-90 and SC-94
• The Scanmec Disc Filter is available with 3 disc diameters, 6'9", 2.75 m and 9'4" dia. Area per disc is 5.7 m2 for the 6'9" and 10 m2 for others.
• All sizes available with up to 12 discs. The 9'4" dia. has 16 sectors per disc. The 9'4" dia. fi lter has a reputation for being among the most effi cient filter on the market today.
• All fi lters can be fi tted with Larox design steam hoods for use where harder to fi lter slurries are
encountered or when lower moistures are required in the filter cake.

The Scanmec vacuum disc fi lter represents more than 25 years of evolving design, incorporating ideas and suggestions from end users to produce a fi lter that provides low maintenance and is highly effi cient. Increased performance means fewer units are needed to do the same job, keeping the cost of the dewatering process down.