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Laser Cutting Machinery - ZAPHIRO

Supplier: IMTS Laser Specialists

ZAPHIRO is the high range 2D laser machine by Prima Power.

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Superior class

Thanks to the linear motors, the CNC and the innovative Perfect Cut system, ZAPHIRO is suitable for very high productivity and quality.

Zero defects, zero rejects

The real time cutting quality control is for sure one of ZAPHIRO’s winning features. This highly innovative solution avoids production defects and wastes.
Thanks to the Perfect Cut system (patented), a sample cutting piece is stored in the machine CNC for each material and thickness. During the cutting process, ZAPHIRO detects possible differences from the “perfect cut” and corrects the parameters to bring the quality back to the desired standard. This standard is not fixed: the operator has the opportunity to set the sensibility of the system. In this way, the machine will produce only parts considered valid for each specific application. That means no defects nor wastes: the perfect production.

Optimized performances for each application

The laser head represents a further evolution of  Prima Power 2D laser heads. The F axis, with enhanced stroke and dynamics, allows substantial cycle times reduction and superior cutting quality.
With the standard single lens you can cut all materials and thicknesses using the same lens. With the MULTI set of lenses (5", 7.5", 9"), machine productivity and cutting quality are boosted.

ZAPHIRO features a further important advantage: the possibility to cut all materials and thickness with top performances and results. The Beam Size Control (BSC) adjusts the beam size diameter on the lens according to the material and thickness of the piece to be cut. Flexibility, productivity, and quality are thus further improved.

The automatic nozzle changer is a great advantage, particularly in case of unmanned operation.

The new automatic pallet changer is also faster and intelligent, since it automatically adjusts the transfer speed to the weight of the transported sheet.

Latest generation CNC, software, laser generator

The P30L numerical control, compatible with all previous versions and with all Prima Power flat bed machines, is  powerful and fast and has a slim console with 17” touch screen. ZAPHIRO can be offline programmed through the simple, fast and intelligent MAESTRO-Libellula system.
The CV5000 allows to cut up to 25 mm thickness with quality and efficiency, and requires reduced maintenance operations. It is equipped with magnetic support turbine and solid state high voltage power