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Laser Engraver and Cutter | Speedy 300 Flexx

Supplier: Trotec Laser

Future Proof laser engraving. The unique Speedy 300 flexx is an exceptional flatbed laser system with the choice of a CO2 laser source, a fibre laser source or both sources in teh one machine. This means that you can directly engrave just about anything with the Speedy 300 Flexx!

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The new laser system for marking, cutting and engraving is equipped with the option of two laser sources and the unique Flexx-Function. The Speedy 300 flexx gives you the choice of directly engraving  all materials including metals.

The Speedy 300 flexx offers the widest range of engraving options in a single flatbed machine. A CO2-laser source is perfect for engraving plastics, wood, rubber, glass, leather and many other materials. For engraving and marking metals and for achieving colour change on plastics the Speedy 300 flexx also offers a fibre laser source. Depending on the material to be processed, either of the laser sources can be used or combined in the one job.

Maxximum flexxibility
Trotec’s new Flexx-Function enables both laser sources to be activated in only one process step. Both metal and non metal materials can be processed in one job without the need to send multiple files or change the focus manually. This saves time and gives the flexibility to do new jobs and applications that were not possible before.

CO2 and Fibre Laser
The Speedy 300flexx can be configured with a CO2 laser, a fibre laser or both! Choose a CO2 Laser with 30 or 60 Watt laser power and combine it as you like: with a 10, 20, 30 or 50 Watt fibre laser.

Trotec Flexx-Function
Two materials, one process step The  new Flexx-Function means that both metal and non metal materials can be processed in one job without the need to send multiple files or change focus manually.

Laser pointer
A red laser pointer indicates the location at which the laser beam will contact the material. You can minimize the risk of faulty engraving by precise positioning of the job before the engraving begins!

JobControl Expert Software
Supports you perfectly in handling your engraving jobs. JobControl® lets you utilize your computer’s performance allowing access to the many useful and intelligent functions that make your work easier

Electro-optic autofocus
The Speedy 300 flexx offers 3 different variants for optimal focusing on the material: manual focus with focus gauge, electro-optical with photo-electric guards or via Software. Maximum convenience for the operator through correct focusing of the laser beam on the surface of the workpiece.

Electro-optic autofocus with light barriers brings maximum convenience for the operator through correct focusing of the laser beam on the surface of the workpiece.

Flexx Lens
Use the Flexx lens for finest detail engravings with maximum quality.

Working platform (ferromagnetic)
The working platform of the Seedy 300 flexx is ferromagnetically treated. This means that it is easy to mount thin materials like paper or films using magnetic retention.

Bi-directional communication
Connects a PC to your Speedy 300 flexx. This gives you full control of many laser functions at all times. You can start any engraving job without leaving your workplace.

Control of the exhaust system
Trotec exhaust system owners can automatically control this system via JobControl®. For example, you can initiate the exhaust power before the start of engraving or after the end of engraving to optimize the removal of dust or fumes. You also get dynamic feedback on turbine activity and filter saturation.

Trotec lasers are the fastest and most productive systems on the market. The performance of the motion systems has been improved so that a top speed of 355cm/sec., or 140 inches/sec., with an acceleration of 5 g can be achieved.
This means that you can produce 30% – 100% more than with competitive systems without sacrificing quality and this translates to higher profits.

European Quality:
InPack-Technology™ is a combination of the highest quality components for ultra long lifetime combined with protection of the optics and all sensitive components. Trotec systems are designed for minimal wear-and-tear. The design and manufacturing quality standards make sure your Speedy 300 will be ready for years of trouble free, heavy-duty production.

Trotec operate a subsidiary here in Australia which means you get the highest level of attention and support. The company also runs monthly open houses in most states where existing or prospective customers can come in and discuss their ongoing  requirements and see how Trotec machines can help their businesses grow.

Technical Details:
Working area (28.5" x 17") 726 x 432 mm
Machine dimensions (44.5" x 35.1" x 41.8") 1130 x 890 x 1060 mm
Material size (29.5" x 17.3") 750 x 440 mm
Laser power 10, 20, 30, 50W Fiber laser and 30, 60W CO2 laser
Speed up to 355 cm/sec  (139 inch/sec)