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Laser Exhaust System | Atmos

Supplier: Trotec Laser

Keep yourself and your machine safe with Atmos Exhaust Systems

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Atmos Laser Exhaust systems have been specifically designed for Trotec Laser engraving, marking and cutting machines. They remove and filter the particles and vapours produced while laser processing materials.

A functioning exhaust system is crucial for ensuring a safe and clean operation. With Atmos, Trotec is offering a series of exhaust systems for any application. We are constantly setting new standards in terms of comfort during handling, efficiency and running costs.

Environmental Protection

Efficient filtering of dust and gas prolongs the service life of your laser system, while concurrently protecting you and the environment.

Intelligent Solutions

We have put many years of perfecting and developing our laser machines, as well as the matching exhaust systems. This has resulted in innovative and intelligent solutions, including monitor remote control, on-line filter exchange indicators and much, much more!

Efficient Operation

Trotec exhaust systems are optimised for the toughest conditions, while still having a long and healthy service life. Productivity is achieved by a combination of laser and exhaust technology – saving you valuable time that would usually be spent on servicing and maintenance.

Exhaust System Options:

  • Atmos Nano Exhaust

The Atmos Nano is designed for compact and limited spaces, perfectly suited for Fiber laser marking applications. This system offers features like Energy Saving Mode, FlowControl as well as quick and easy filter changes. It filters gases and particles that are < 1 micron and not visible to the naked eye, thanks to the HEPA filter construction.

Dimensions: (D x W x H)
399 x 328 x 540mm

  • Atmos Compact Exhaust

The Atmos Compact system is mounted directly underneath your laser machine, saving space and acting as a support frame. It filters the particles and gases produced by the laser and can be controlled via the screen.

Dimensions: (D x W x H)
675 x 815 x 555mm

  • Atmos Mono / Duo Exhaust Systems

Atmos exhaust systems are designed specifically for use with Trotec machines. The filter particles and vapours produced during the laser process. These standard units are available as Atmos Mono and Atmos Duo Plus.

Dimensions: (D x W x H)
700 x 560 x 4050mm
104 – 115kgs

  • Prefilters

This exhaust system has been specifically designed for laser engraving and laser cutting applications. It makes sure that coarse particles and dusts are separated from the exhaust air prior to entering the Atmos filter system. The Prefilter helps to dramatically increase the life of your exhaust system’s filters. The Prefilter cartridge is manually cleaned, but there is an option you can choose to make this a fully automated process.

  • VENT Exhaust Fans

The radial fan from the VENT series is optimal is the laser process produces dusts and gases that don’t require any filtering. If you opt for this system, please keep in mind that it will not clean dust particles and filter odours. Should a filtering exhaust system be required later, we offer great exhaust systems that include a filter from our Atmos series. (Available for Speedy 300, 360, 400, SP500, SP1500, SP2000 and SP3000)


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