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Laser Guided Vehicles - LGV

Supplier: Advanced Warehouse Solutions

The introduction of Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs) marked a turning point in warehouse handling processes, because these vehicles operate efficiently and safely between preset locations in perfect synchronization and vehicle positioning, without the need of an operator.

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Simple reflecting markers placed in different parts of the warehouse guide the vehicles and check their path and position continuously through laser heads fixed on the vehicle.

A sophisticated safety system intercepts fixed and moving objects and stops the LGV immediately on sensing an impending impact with an obstacle or obstruction in its path.

The navigation of each LGV is radio controlled and coordinated by a single "ground" remote computer that constantly dialogues with each car and schedules each mission based on traffic conditions, vehicle activity and even on the battery charge of the vehicle.

In the case of a malfunction, the LGV's automatic system can be overridden and the vehicle used as a standard electric vehicle, manually operated by an operator through a steering bar.