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Laser Marking Machine | SpeedMarker 300

Supplier: Trotec Laser

The SpeedMarker 300 laser machine is a combination of intelligence and high-quality.

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The SpeedMarker series was designed for laser marking metals and plastics in an industrial production chain. The machines come in four different sizes, including 100, 300, 700 and 1300. The SpeedMarker 300 is a compact and high-speedy machine that will always be able to meet your requirements. It is made for industrial laser marking, and is a laser safety class 2 machine – so it will always keep you and your employees safe.

The SpeedMarker 300’s software allows you to create marking programs and even communicate with other systems such as database or ERP infrastructure.

SpeedMark Software

SpeedMark was developed for automated marking processing. It provides program modules for typical marking tasks, like producing serial number codes. These are easy to adjust and allow you to create tailor-made marking jobs with graphical flow control. Everything is possible with a SpeedMarker 300 – and there’s no need for special programming knowledge!

  • Automatic, consecutive barcode generation
  • Customisable user interface
  • Material database for managing marking parameters
  • Management of various user rights
  • Interfaces to external systems including databases
  • Deep engraving function/processes dynamic data
  • Saves a material database for future use

SpeedMarker 300 features: 

Maintenance-Free Fiber Laser

The high-speed fiber laser machine is air cooled and maintenance free. You can easily mark metals and a broad range of plastics without having to use chemicals or other consumables.

Focus Finder

A secondary laser pointer enables precise focusing, directly onto the workpiece. You will not need to use additional equipment.

Pilot Laser for Border Marking

All SpeedMarker systems have a laser pointer for setting up your workpiece quickly and easily. It shows you the edges of the marking and helps you adapt its size to optimise the set-up before the laser job has even begun.


Lenses with a focal length of F-100, F-254, F-330 and F-420 are available alongside the standard F-160 lens. You are therefore always optimally equipped

High Performance Galvos

Raise the marking speed by using high-performance galvos. You can mark up to 900 character a second and heighten your productivity.

Axis Concept for Ultimate Safety

When you purchase the machine, you can request either a mechanical, electrical or software-controlled Z-axis. There are then X- and Y-axis are available for some products, which are software controlled and let you mark larger fields and parts.

AutoStart Function

You can automatically begin a laser job by clothing the lid. This saves time on everyday tasks.

Modular Concept

Choose a system size that best suits your application. The housing on the SpeedMarker 300 can be fitted with a pass-through hatch and removable side covers to be able to mark larger items (this changes the laser safety class to 4). You can also extend a SpeedMarker machine by using handling options, like conveyor belts and rotary tables.

Rotary Unit

An optional rotary unit is available for engraving circular or conical objects, like rings and tubes. It can be controlled by using the SpeedMark software.

SpeedMark Vision

Smart Adjust is a camera assisted positioning tool for precise component laser marking. The HD camera shows a live image of the marking area, and the operator can easily position the graphic with the ‘drag and drop’ function directly onto the work piece. Problems with positioning can be avoided.


Fiber Laser
Marking Field: 120 x 120
Working Area: 190 x 190mm
Height Clearance: 250mm
Laser Power: 10 – 50 Watts