Laser marking: precision tools

Supplier: Trotec Laser By: Suraya Diamond-Coorey
24 May, 2018

Turning, drilling and milling tools are usually met with heavy stress, so they need to be durable.

The markings on these tools therefore need to be durable as well. Laser processing can offer very distinctive advantages over mechanical marking and engraving methods:

  • Consistent quality & readability with absolute durability
  • No need to change the workpiece properties
  • Single-step processing methods without the need for consumables
  • Flexibility in marking content, component shape, tool shape and material
  • Low cost per marking for individual items or mass production

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Suitable Materials for Laser Marking

  • Hardened Metals
  • Steel Tools
  • High-Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Titanium
  • Alloys
  • Boron Steel
  • Coated Metals

Machining Technology Application Examples

When labelling precision tools, it is very important that the item is not damaged whatsoever. During annealing with laser technology, the surface of the tool will not be altered, meaning the surface is never damaged.

  • Functional labels
  • Logos and company names – serving as anti-counterfeiting measures
  • Product information: type, size, date of manufacture

“Why should I buy a laser machine for marking my tools?”

Laser marking is much more durable and flexible than most conventional marking methods. With a laser machine, labels can be marked perfectly with tiny fonts and dimensions. Workpiece properties are never altered due to the non-contact and chemical-free processing qualities. Additional cleaning costs can also be avoided with laser technology thanks to the eco-friendly processing methods.