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Laser Marking Work Stations | CompactMark

Supplier: Industrial Laser

The CompactMark is a high performance marking system which provides a winning combination of flexibility as well as full automation depending on your specific requirements.

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The system offers a full range of features and multiple axes including Z and X axes, Y tables, rotating spindles and indexers, pick and place, palletised shuttles, conveyors, pneumatic lifts and more depending on your needs. With a footprint of only 800 x1200 mm, the system provides a marking area of 500 x 580mm. It provides a high quality, high speed system with precise and accurate marking capability. It is also available in custom sizes with an expanded cavity for greater throughput or larger parts.

The CompactMark is the ideal solution for marking larger parts or trays of parts. Moreover, due to the positioning possibilities of the laser via travel axes by simply using a joystick, parts with complex geometries can be easily marked. The C-Axis or rotary indexer accessory for continuous cylindrical marking is an option that can be installed directly by the user.

The system is also available with a range or index tables including a 2, 4 or 6 position index table. This workstation can be integrated with any laser system (Fly DPPS, FiberFly, FlyAir and CO2) producing any wavelength, giving the operator the ability to mark any type of material.

Features and benefits:

  • Class I enclosure for safe laser operation
  • Easy access pneumatic door with laser safety window for parts viewing
  • Operator can work seated or standing
  • PC controlled Z-axis for focus/part height adjustment
  • PC controlled X-Y axes for marking larger parts or trays of parts
  • PC controlled C-axis ( rotary indexer) (manual or pneumatic) for cylindrical marking
  • Interior light and vacuum exhaust port
  • Optional light curtain
  • FlyCAD Operating Software
  • Fully customisable if required

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