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Laser Marking Work Stations | Lasertab

Supplier: Industrial Laser

The Lasertab is a highly compact, quiet and functional system, which comes ready to plug and play on any desktop.

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The motorised Z axis with encoder provides for marking of components varying in thickness from 0 to 150mm. The joystick allows for instant and simple focus. The marking of a small series of parts is much more convenient due to a very useful drawer that allows the load-unloading without having to open the door.

The LaserTab transforms a FLY laser into a safe, practical and economical transportable Class I Laser that can be installed on a simple desk. The wide cabinet has a manual door with a Class I inspection glass that offers a clear view of the product being marked. Movement of the Z axis can also be carried out effortlessly with a joystick which is an indispensable instrument if used together with the Smart Focus System.

The Smart Focus is a unique system which generates an image for focus control. This system is much more convenient and accurate than the traditional older technologies based on the convergence of two laser pointers. The operator can easily and instantly find the optimum marking position for both flat surfaces as well as parts with complex geometries. The possibility of using software to control the intensity of the focusing image makes it ideal for use both on components that reflect (chrome plating, polished stainless, and ground surfaces) and on those that absorb (black plastic, dark oxidized aluminium).

A rotary C axis for marking of cylindrical parts, can be optionally integrated.

This workstation is fully self contained and both FiberFly and FlyAir lasers can be integrated. It operates with conventional 110 household power source and does not require any external cooling. FlyCAD operating software can be run under modern Windows versions and a simple network connection is all that is needed to control the laser.

Features and benefits:

  • Class I enclosure for safe laser operation with interior light and vacuum exhaust port
  • Manual door with laser safety window for parts viewing
  • Drawer for easy loading/unloading (without opening the door)
  • 150mm motorised and PC controlled Z-axis for focus/part height adjustment
  • PC controlled C-axis for cylindrical marking  (optional)
  • HP computer with LCD monitor and FlyCAD operating software

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