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Laser Marking Work Stations | RotoTab

Supplier: Industrial Laser

RotoTab is a highly compact, quiet and functional system with a 2 position pneumatic index table which can be installed easily on any desktop.

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The ø 400mm table allows the marking of individual or multiple parts. The motorised Z axis with encoder and joystick allows components varying in thicknesses (from 0 to 150mm) to be marked.

Equipped with a two position rotating table measuring 400mm in diameter, it allows a series of components, both large and small, to be marked. The laser is marking while the operator loads or unloads, increasing overall productivity and reducing cycle time. The table is fitted with hardened bushes for positioning the templates.

The motorised Z axis is controlled entirely by PC. Movement of the axis can also be carried out effortlessly by means of a joystick- an indispensable instrument if used together with the Smart Focus system. The Smart Focus System is a unique proprietary system which generates an image for focus control. This system is much more convenient and accurate than the traditional older technologies based on the convergence of two laser pointers.

The operator can instantly find the optimum marking position for both flat surfaces as well as for parts with complex geometries. The software can also control the intensity of the focusing image which makes it ideal for use both on components that reflect (chromium plating, ground surfaces) and on those that absorb (black plastic, dark oxidised aluminium).

The RotoTab is extremely reliable, efficient, high speed, and accurate. It is the ideal desktop laser marking system for marking and engraving anodised and non-anodised metals, such as aluminium, copper, titanium, steel, chrome, hard metal and nickel, as well as many types of plastics.

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