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Laser Precision Earthworks | Earth Loading, Trenching, Excavation

Laser Precision Earthworks

Laser controlled equipment responds to minute variations of level (+ - 4mm) accuracy, even faster than the human eye can interpret change.

This speed and accuracy relates to a huge reduction in price and laser precision quality.

With a large and diverse range of machinery and a professionally dedicated team we can cater for large construction projects through to small residential and farming projects.

Whether you need excavation, laser precision grading, general grading, trenching, dam sinking and cleaning, water cartage, earth loading and haulage, rolling and compacting, land clearing, agricultural and horticultural preparation or post hole digging we'll get the project done wth the machines and the right people.

Our advanced precision machinery and experience set us apart in general and precision earth moving.

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Laser Precision Earthworks was conceived and formed with one concept in mind:

"Accurate Levelling of ground areas in both commercial and agriculture for a reasonable and affordable price, consistent with high accuracy"

Please contact us regarding your earthmoving requirements no matter how small they may seem, as very simple solutions are technologically available to you now.

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