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LD-TR Large Digit Display For Pulse Input

Supplier: Amalgamated Instrument Co

The LD-TR range of large digit displays is designed for use with pulse input signals.

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The instruments can be configured to accept a wide range of sensors including contact closure, PNP and NPN transistor inputs (both 2-wire and 3-wire), AC and DC voltage signals and induction sensor outputs amongst others. The input frequency can be up to 100kHz.

The LD-TR can be configured for rate, total (counting etc) or both. The LD-TR will also keep a grand total in totaliser mode. Remote input connections are available to reset display to zero, to restart display at a preset value, and to hold the display or show the peak reading (peak hold) amongst other functions.

The totaliser memory is backed up by an onboard battery. Setup of the instrument is achieved without the use of special tools.

Some jumpers are set within the instrument to define the input type but calibration, alarm settings, decimal point etc are all carried out using the push buttons on the main board of the instrument. The 39mm ”flip” displays are housed in rugged, IP65 rated, UV stabilised ASA enclosures.

Features of LD-TR Large Digit Display For Pulse Input:

  • 4 or 6 x 39mm EMD ”flip” digits visibility rating to 18m
  • Rate, Total or Grand Total from pulse input
  • IP65 rated wall mount enclosure
  • Count rate up to 100 kHz
  • 2 configurable setpoint relays standard - capacity 240VAC, 5A, form A
  • Relays can be set to operate from rate, total or in ”pass” mode (the relay activates for a programmable length of time each time a multiple of a total is reached. For example - operate for 1 sec. at each count of 1000)
  • Remote reset or programmable automatic reset
  • Rate or period display for input signals less than 1kHz
  • Compatible with a wide range of input sensor types with a pulse output
  • Different engineering units can be set for rate and total displays (e.g. litres/min and kilolitres)
  • Pushbutton setup and calibration
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Special low frequency mode stops flickering of display between 0 and rate when input is a lower frequency than the sample rate

Applications of LD-TR Large Digit Display For Pulse Input:

The LD-TR with the 39mm display will be ideal for applications where rate/total indications need to be visible at distances up to 18m in high ambient light conditions.

The instrument can be used for counting product on a line, for displaying RPM, for flow applications, belt speed and many other applications where a pulse signal is available.

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