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Lead Free Manufacturing & Environmental Awareness

Supplier: HETECH
18 April, 2008

In 2006, the Europe Union banned lead in electronics manufacturing (RoHS compliance). In the meantime, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Korea, Taiwan and Australia have, or are in the process of, adopting RoHS compliance.

As the world becomes more environmentally savvy and the media reports daily on the climate change crisis, customers are demanding environmentally friendly products. There is no doubt that products containing heavy polluting agents such as lead cause irreparable damage to our fragile world and human health

In response, effective 1 January 2007, HETECH introduced the following procedures:

  • All new boards are purchased lead free
  • New boards (lead free) are blue for better identification
  • Components available in lead free will be purchased
  • Components not yet available lead free will be hand soldered until they are available in lead free
  • Fully RoHS compliant (lead free) products will be accordingly labelled
  • HETECH's machinery stock is being fully upgraded to ensure lead free processing

HETECH's commitment:

Although not yet required by law in Australia, HETECH has voluntarily invested significantly in lead free manufacturing. We are proud to be part of the growing number manufacturers worldwide who realise the long-term benefits in being environmentally proactive rather than wait for legislation to impose restrictions.