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Leica AT901 with T-probe & T-scan at NMW Stand 2024

Supplier: Industrial Measurement Solutions
14 November, 2011

Originally used in the Aerospace industry for high precision measurement of large parts, the Leica AT901 Laser tracker has since become an essential tool in other industries such as the automotive, railway, military and general industrial manufacturing.

The European Center of Nuclear Research or CERN are using several of Leica’s trackers for their US$4billion science project to re-create the big bang deep below the Swiss-French border. A project of this calibre requires only the most refined technology for its precision measurements.

Many aerospace companies including Boeing have been using the Leica Laser trackers for over 15 years and are continuing to use the tracker on the latest Boeing 777 Dreamliner.


  • Measurement volume- up to 160 meters.
  • Measurement accuracy- in the few 10s of microns range.
  • Powerlock- an active vision system where the tracker finds the target instead of the operator hunting for the beam.
  • T-Probe– A hand held probe for up to 30m volume measuring in 6 degrees of freedom, not only position butalso orientation.
  • T-scan- A handheld scanner with a difference.

Flying dot technology makes scanning both light and dark surfaces possible. The T-scan provides large volume scanning to the highest (<100micron) accuracy.

The AT901 you will see on our stand was supplied by IMS to Asphar Survey metrology services division. Another satisfied customer.