Lencrow now has available a new work assist vehicle

Supplier: Lencrow Materials Handling
28 April, 2014

The EP CK-05 In now available through Lencrow Materials Handling.

This unit is designed to pick and pack products to a height of 5000mm. This unit has improved WHS procedure to companies that currently use ladders for picking single orders from higher than ground level.

The unit is only 820mm wide allowing access in tight areas and with a turning radius of only 1385mm is very manoeuvrable. This unit also offers more than 80% lifting capacity to other work assistance vehicles giving better stability and larger operator load combinations.

Ross Grassick, General Manager of Lencrow says, "The EP CK-05 offers our customers a more stable unit with capacities that reflect the requirements of our customer needs. I was also impressed with the unit's ease of operation using a steering wheel to maneuver allowing better direction control than other units I had tried."

The unit is powered by four maintenance free batteries that give a long duty cycle due to the AC operating systems that offer step less control. With features like automatic brake application when stopped and regenerative braking in deceleration.

EP as with many of there products has looked at the market and seen what is available then asked the market what they wanted and then built a unit that would offer both exceptional performance with driver ergonomics and features to suit the users.

EP Equipment specialise in electric materials handling equipment offering units that incorporate the best components sourced from specialist manufactures throughout the world.