Lencrow offers a new burden carrier to the market place

Supplier: Lencrow Materials Handling
28 April, 2014

Lencrow Materials Handling has just released a new range of Burden carriers.

The Xilin BD30 with a load capacity 3000kg offers a large 1400mm x 2240mm flat platform as standard. A number of optional backs are available some with drop down sides or lockers and even custom designed units to suit customer requirements are available.

The unit is the largest in the range of four wheel units all offering high duty cycle batteries. These units are available with pneumatic or puncture proof tyres. The units have 160mm of ground clearance which give greater break over angles for ramp work.

Ross Grassick, Managing Director of Lencrow says, "We have been looking for a solid electric utility vehicle for some time, most have failed on their ability to work a long shift on the batteries fitted. This unit exceeds our expectations on duty cycle while still having the power to negotiate ramps without loss of power. The units are easy to operate and have very functional controls."

The range also offers a three wheel version available with 1000kg and 1500kg capacity models that all have the same performance and duty cycles. All units come with towing points making them suitable for towing trailers.