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Lick Feeder | Sheep

Supplier: Leigh Stoddart and Co

Sheep from Bromar has a high quality design and a superior licking action.

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One of the key components of the Lick Feeder | Sheep is the plastic inserts consisting of 11 holes on either side of the feeder. Sheep lick the grain out of these holes, remembering that the grain must be licked upwards to use the saliva on their tongue to get it out. The plastic inserts are easily adjusted in and out as required.

When the plastic insert is slid in, the holes close sideways, therefore reducing the hole to a size so small that cattle rely on a wet tongue for the grain to stick to. After 5-10 minutes their tongue becomes dry from licking and they go out to graze, stopping them from eating until the feeder is empty.

One key advantage of the Lick Feeder | Sheep from Bromar is that the trough is big enough to catch spilt grain without being too big to stop small lambs getting grain out.

Weather protection on the Lick Feeder | Sheep is superior to any other as the wind is wide and the licking area tucked underneath. If driving rain goes into the feed area, it drains back into the catching trough and runs out the end. Excess saliva also works its way down and out in the same way.