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Lifting to new heights with the Vulcan C90 Container Handler

Supplier: MLA Holdings
06 November, 2012

The demand for high-quality customer-specific solutions is increasing.

As a result of this growing trend, MLA Holdings has on offer the Vulcan C90 empty container handler with nine tonne lifting capacity using a 4.0 metre wheelbase which can stack 8'6" containers to 7 high.

The most important development with the new Vulcan C90 is the changeover to the hydrostatic drive and lift transmission. As seen in the previous H100 to h180 heavy diesel trucks with a 1018 tonne lifting capacity, this new model, empty container handler now accelerates smoothly and responsively using dual pedal control.

For driving speeds of up to 16km/h, the engine revs at just 1500 RPM, which makes it extremely efficient. The coupling, gearbox, differential and service brake are no longer necessary, which means that gear changing procedures are no longer a worry to drivers as well as high cost and mechanical wearing parts now being a thing of the past. This subsequently means lower maintenance costs.

Features and benefits:

Features and benefits of the Vulcan C90 are:

Variable displacement piston pumps, and hydrostatic drive, with load sensing technology — this means reduced fuel consumption (up to 20 per cent) due to the more efficient use of the engine revs through the load sensing system. The variable displacement load sensing systems also allows for much faster cycle times through increased lifting speeds.

The hydrostatic drive gives fast and smooth acceleration and deceleration also improving cycle times, it also heavily reduces the wear on brakes and the machine is decelerated through hydraulic braking, as braking is mostly done in the hydraulic pumps and drive motors and not with the use of friction brakes.

The mast is mounted on top of the drive axle and not in front of it (like most other machines) this allows the user to reduce the lost load distance, enabling them to have the same lifting capacity but with a lighter machine foot print.

Extremely wide reversed mast design with a revered. A conventional mast will have a fixed outer mast channel, where as this machine has a fixed inner channel and the lift channel and carriage mount externally from there, this means the load "twist" is absorbed over a larger area causing less stress on the machine.

Double box spreader — this new DBS 10 double box spreader enables a lifting capacity of 10t with twin 40' Containers. This new spreader also has large vision windows to allow the operator to see the twist lock pockets with ease.

Like with all Vulcan machines, the C90 is capable of remote diagnostics and error message SMS to either our service team or to the owners supervisor, also you can dial in to the machine and diagnose as well as make changes to the machines system to ensure excellent uptime availability.

MLA Holdings is lifting to new heights with the Vulcan range and the C90 is no exception.

For more information on the Vulcan C90 please contact MLA Holdings 131 652 or visit their website at www.mlaholdings.com.au.