Lifting with magnets: solving steel handling problems

Improve safety and efficiency with magnets.
Improve safety and efficiency with magnets.

Today's new magnet technologies solve many steel handling problems.

Serpent and Dove, whose motto is 'Finding ways with Magnets' has the technology, experience and expertise to apply magnetic solutions to a very wide range of steel handling problems.

Whether the steel is thin sheet, checker-plate, pipe, tube, slab, billet, coil or scrap or large or small there is likely to be a way that it can be handled more safely and efficiently with magnets.

In its bag of magnetic tricks Serpent and Dove has patented permanent magnet systems for large, thin sheet; lightweight, low-power parallel-pole electro magnet systems for a host of lifting applications and the Tecnomagnete Electro-Permanent systems to handle almost any duty from steel coils to huge slabs.

Electro-permanent lifting systems use electric power only for 'energise' and 'de-energise' cycles. Because the lifting is done by modular multi-pole permanent magnets that can be energised and de-energised the result is magnets with very low power consumption. Weighty and space-hungry battery back-up systems are a thing of the past as the load is secured by the permanent magnets which cannot be de-energised until the load is at rest.

In addition to all these advanced technologies, Serpent and DoveĀ®also supplies the ever-popular, safe and superior MaxX series of rare earth (neodymium) permanent lifting magnets. These need no electric power and turn on and off with a fail-safe hand lever and have capacities from 125 kgs to 2000 kgs.

With extraordinary power to weight ratios these lifting magnets are making life safer and simpler in thousands of workshops and applications.

A magnet weighing just 6 kilograms can lift 250 kgs and has a rated breakaway of 750 kgs.

MaxX Magnetic Lifters use patented 'neutral crown' technology that concentrates all the magnetic power at the working face whilst other inferior types 'leak' magnetic power to the sides and top of the magnet. Serpent and Dove, with this panoply of new-generation technology, and an extensive reseller network across Australia, continues to solve many steel lifting problems and to make processes safer and easier.