Lighting Automation

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Lighting automation refers to a sub-category of building automation; and deals specifically with the use of computer control systems to manage the lighting systems of buildings for the purpose of optimizing its functionality. Benefits include both cost savings by reducing the waste of power, as well as an improved comfort level and atmosphere since ideal amounts of light can always be assured.

Lighting automation makes use of optical sensors as well as timers to feed information to a computerized controller, which is then able to increase or decrease electrical lighting intensity, as well as open or close blinds to adjust the amount of natural light entering a space. Lights can be automatically shut off when the building is not occupied, and sensors can detect when additional light is needed on cloudy days when not enough sunlight is available. By taking advantage of the sun’s light, electrical costs can be significantly reduced. Computer control systems for lighting automation are easy to integrate into existing building systems and are highly customizable. Suppliers of lighting automation systems typically offer assistance in the selection and setting up of their systems.