Lighting for environmentally sensitive projects

Supplier: PROMAC International
23 October, 2012

The new Greenlite LED is providing contractors with a more cost-effective and flexible solution to lighting coastal and marine resources projects.

Interchangeable LED clusters in the lighting panels allow users to adjust the colour temperature of the lights, reducing the impact on vulnerable wildlife. For example, the 'Turtle Friendly' LED towers on the Gorgon Project use clusters with a colour temperature around 2700K, mimicking High Pressure Sodium lamps (HPS)

Historically, using HPS lamps on a lighting tower meant expensive and time consuming changeovers of the entire lighting system. By changing to LED, users can opt to swap either the individual clusters or the just panel. The entire operation can be completed with just a screwdriver and shifter.

Changing the clusters has no effect on the machine — the project, operators and local wildlife continue to enjoy the key benefits of reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions

Across the country from the Gladstone Port in Queensland, to Barrow Island in WA, Greenlite is changing the way we light our projects and is another cost-saving and environmentally-friendly initiative from PROMAC – "The Power & Lighting Specialists".

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