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Lighting is often perceived as the “easy fix” area of energy consumption. History demonstrates that many “easy fixes” have been implemented but the outcomes have been sub-optimal. Lighting is a complex science. A series of interacting factors must be addressed to achieve high illumination quality. Safety and duty of care are important considerations as is the need to maintain occupant productivity - a key issue that is often compromised by ill-considered lighting changes.

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Industrial lighting is usually complex, involving many different types of fittings (we have experienced up to 60 fitting types on one site). Whilst as a percentage of overall energy consumption, industrial lighting is a relatively small percentage, eneSolve recommends including it in the energy efficiency program as the savings available can be very significant.

Our team approaches each opportunity as a unique challenge. Through a structured approach to data gathering and analysis, lighting upgrade solutions are developed in response to the existing lighting infrastructure, illumination requirements and site conditions rather than trying to force a "one size fits all" solution.

As a guiding principle we prefer not  to replace existing lightings systems but  look to reuse existing lighting components wherever possible. This delivers teh smartest and most cost effective outcomes.

Upgrade solutions may involve:

  • reducing illumination power density
  • reducing run times through control systems
  • a combination of the two

Each option considered will involve trade-offs between:

  • efficiency
  • reliability
  • usability
  • initial and operating cost

The recommended solution will balance these constraints with client preferences.