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Lightweight & portable - for DIY or professional users

Supplier: Welding Industries of Australia
04 December, 2015

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new range of WIA portable inverter welders.

The range includes the Weldarc 140i and Weldarc 180i Arc and TIG welders, and the Weldmatic 200i MIG welder, which also offers Stick and TIG welding capabilities. All three machines are lightweight, portable and powerful. Whether you’re a professional working on-site or a DIY Enthusiast completing your latest project, these machines will get the job done.

Weighing just 4.8kg the Weldarc 140i is lightweight and portable meaning you can easily transport it wherever the job takes you, making it ideal for onsite maintenance.

The Weldarc 140i offers optional VRD - the machine is supplied with the VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) option disabled, however it can be enabled by an authorised WIA Service Agent. When activated, VRD delivers added safety when operating in Stick mode and meets the requirements of site work.

Providing easy to use Lift-Arc starting for TIG welding, the Weldarc 140i eliminates scratch starting and tungsten electrode damage.

The compact Weldarc 180i weighs only 6.5kg and offers portability and performance required for onsite and field maintenance applications. It suits long extension leads and will keep welding successfully despite a voltage drop.

The Weldarc 180i is also tolerant of unconditioned power from generators. It has been optimised and tested for compatibility with appropriate portable generators.

The built-in Arc Force feature constantly monitors the arc voltage and will boost output if low arc voltage occurs, while the machine’s built-in Hot Start feature offers smooth, easy starting. The combined features of Arc Force, Hot Start and high open circuit voltage capability allows the use of Cellulose electrodes, which can be very difficult to use on smaller welders, but the Weldarc 180i can handle them with ease.
The Weldmatic 200i is a versatile and portable multi-process inverter with VRD. With 200 Amps of MIG, 170 Amps of Stick and 200 Amps of Lift-Arc capability, the Weldmatic 200i suits a wide range of applications for successfully welding mild steel or aluminium to a very high professional quality.

Able to operate with or without shielding gas, the Weldmatic 200i MIG welder allows you to choose between using a shielding gas or the gasless (flux-cored) wires, which do not require shielding gas bottle; reducing both cost and weight.

Easy to set-up and adjust, the Weldmatic 200i’s control panel allows for the easy selection of gas and wire type, with infinitely variable voltage and wire speed, indicated on the digital display. Even for first time users, a suggested setting chart allows the Weldmatic 200i to be set-up quickly and easily.

Weighing only 13kg, it’s a great choice for onsite maintenance, but also offers the versatility to work across many different types of applications.

All three machines are fully compliant with Australian Standards and come with a 2-year unlimited warranty on the power source, covering parts and labour, and supported by an Australia wide service network, so you can be guaranteed they’re buying reliability and performance.

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