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Lightweight, oil repellent glove gives three-way protection

Supplier: Ansell Industrial Healthcare
12 August, 2014

Many manual tasks across a range of industries may be completed with greater hand protection and efficiency with a new comfortable, light duty oil repellent multi-purpose glove that provides protection, while helping retain grip on small, oil coated parts and assembly components.

Employing Ansell's Ripel liquid repellence technology and Ansell Grip technology, the Ansell HyFlex 11- 926 glove is the first lightweight HyFlex style to combine protection against knuckle abrasion, oil exposure and oil grip in a single flexible glove.

Featuring a durable three-quarter dip coating to ensure full protection to the back of fingers, the glove is designed to provide all-day comfort, thanks to a soft liner made from a very fine gauge nylon fibre.

According to Ansell's David Nicholls, the unique blend of protection, performance and flexibility features incorporated in the HyFlex 11-926 glove bridge the gap from previous generation palm dip style oil repellent general-purpose gloves built on cut and sew cotton liners, to the latest seamless palm dip gloves.

Nicholls said the new glove has been designed to meet the hand protection needs of people handling oil coated parts in the automotive, electrical machinery, equipment, metal fabrication, power tools and transportation equipment markets.

"This lightweight multi-purpose glove is ideal for operations such as cutting, sorting, inspection, uploading and downloading parts of the line; inspection of machine parts and components of metal working as well as assembly of components and machinery," Nicholls said.

Ansell works with Australia's leading safety not for profit organisation, the National Safety Council of Australia, as the training partner to ensure hand safety issues, such as handling of oil coated parts, are communicated through corporate and government organisations.

Ansell always recommends that end users perform their own testing and analysis of the suitability of a product for a specific application. Glove samples are available for evaluation by request.