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LINAK | Electric Linear Actuator Systems


LINAK electric linear actuator systems - Lifting columns and height adjustment
Electric Linear Actuation from LINAK Australia

• LINAK Australia is a subsidiary of LINAK, an international company founded on a simple idea - electric linear actuation
• LINAK develop and manufacture standard and customised, plug and play, actuator systems available in 12, 24 and 36V DC
• The LINAK® product line includes linear actuators, with lifting capacities from 200-10000N, lifting columns, with height adjustments from 560-1235mm, control units, featuring electronic overload protection, handsets and a wide range of accessories to be sold separately or as a system

Actuator Systems Differentiating Features

• World leader in the design and manufacture of electric linear actuators
• Designed for specific application and environment
• High Quality
• Robust
• Suitable for system integration
• World-Class partnership

Using Actuator Systems from LINAK Australia

• Agricultural environments • Building Automation • Industrial Automation • Boats • Motorhomes and Caravans • Solar • Materials Handling • Workstations • Conveyors • Hospital and Care beds and patient care • Ventilation and Farming applications • Special Vehicles • Food and Beverage environments • Hospitality environments • Irrigation • Transport - Cab tilt, curtain locking

Actuator Systems Technical Specifications

• Thrust up to 1 tonne
• Stroke Length to 999m
• 12 / 24 V DC Motor
• PLC Options
• Potentiometer, Hall and Reed Options
• High IP Rating

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In 1976 Bent Jensen, the current CEO and owner of LINAK, was reluctantly persuaded by his father to take over the family company Christian Jensen and Sons.

The first actuator
The new product Bent Jensen came up with was the first linear actuator, which he launched in 1979.

He originated the idea while working on improving a wheelchair for a disabled fellow student who had lost his mobility in an accident. So from the very beginning the driving force behind what was to become LINAK has been the wish to make innovative solutions to improve people’s quality of life and working environment.

The linear actuator soon turned out to be useful for a great many purposes. At first it was sold to the agricultural sector for forage harvesters. This was merely the beginning. Today the linear actuator facilitates ergonomic improvements in workplaces as diverse as offices, hospitals, comfort furniture, farms and industry.

LINAK has grown rapidly ever since introducing actuators in 1980. In 1986 the company added an electronics department in order to manufacture control boxes to match the actuators.

Expansion continued across Europe, into the US market and later into the Far East including facilities in China, India and Japan.

Today LINAK is an international company and a world leader in designing and manufacturing electric linear actuator solutions. LINAK is represented in countries all over the world either through subsidiaries or distributors - and we are still expanding our markets.

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