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Line Systems for Excavators | I.View

Supplier: Loadweigh

I.View Line Systems for Excavators - Loadweigh understand that today the key words in the mobile machinery market are "FLEXIBILITY and MODULARITY".

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This is the reason why the I View was created, where "I" stands for Intelligent View display, a full colour monitor, that, coupled with proper sensors and cables, allows you from a base system, to build up a more complex system for excavators until it covers your field of application.

This ideal encouraged I View to be built, in a plug and play format, a single display hosting Digging system, Weighing system and the unique combination Digging and Weighing software all in one.

We are able today, to supply in a single solution, from an easy weighing system to a 360° digging control system, that includes vertical dynamic weighing lifts.

Main Features of I.View Line Systems for Excavators:

  • I.View is the result of many years of experience in weighing systems for excavators.
  • I.View is essential for quarries and mines without weighing bridges, ideal as backup for weighing bridges equipped plans located far away from the loading area.
  • I.View speeds up the loading operation achieving the maximum filling capacity of the truck, reducing laps to weighing bridges, avoiding truck over and under loads performing dynamic vertical lifts.
  • I.View increases productivity of your machine by performing weigh accuracy within ±3% when loading loose materials.
  • I.View has an outstanding self learning calibration that reduces drastically the system implementation time.
  • I.View thanks to its revolutionary loading and management technology, increases productivity and consequent profit of your daily job.
  • Up to 2 machines calibrations.
  • Data Management for weighing.


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