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Linksys SPA9000 PBX Telephone Systems

Supplier: MetWest Communications

The Linksys SPA9000 marries the rich feature set of legacy PBX telephone systems with the convenience and cost advantages of Internet telephony and at a small business price.

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Features of Linksys SPA9000 PBX Telephone Systems:

  • Linksys IP PBX system with high-end features comparable to traditional large business voice services
  • Initial support of 4 SIP compatible IP Phones. The SPA9000 is upgradeable to 16 extensions with an easy to install license key.
  • Powerful self-configuration capabilities enabled with Linksys IP Phones.
  • Works with most Internet Telephone Service Providers.
  • Small business can now have a basic IVR to handle their call load.
  • Auto Attendant to welcome callers and direct calls.
  • Time Based Auto-Attendant (Different Attendant after hours)
  • Sign up with a VoIP Provider and Save Money
  • Hold, Transfer and 3 Way Conference calls.
  • Use traditional PSTN lines with the optional SPA400.
  • Department Ring Groups.
  • Shared Line Appearance
  • Group and Individual paging.
  • Support up to 32 Voicemail boxes with the optional SPA400
  • Work from home with remote Handsets.
  • Your business can keep the existing advertised business PSTN number (with an SPA400 PSTN gateway) for incoming calls, but add the benefits of internal and outbound calls through your VoIP provider. The SPA9000 allows you and your staff to control the call load, avoid missing important calls to the engaged signaland saves your business money on the phone bill.
  • The SPA9000 auto-attendant can direct callers to different departments, or to leave a message. This not only alleviates the strain of the receptionist, but also allows small business to appear larger.
    • The auto-attendant can answer calls while you're on another call and place them on hold until some is free to answer
    • the call. Small business no longer need to put one customer on hold to answer call-waiting.
    • The IVR will answer calls with a company greeting and then direct calls to different departments or extensions.
    • Easily change your office operating hours to send all calls to voice mail when you are out on site, when all staff are in a meeting, or any other reason.
    • Signing up with a VoIP provider will mean your PBX phone system can handle more than one call on the one line. No longer will you need to rent multiple lines to make you have a line free to call out while someone is on the phone.
  • The Linksys SPA 9000 IP PBX allows small business to control how their calls are answered and when
  • It has common key system features such as an auto attendant, shared line appearances, three way call conferencing, music on hold, follow me calling, and many more. The SPA9000 opens up access to the benefits of Voice Over IP, including low cost long distance service, phone number portability, and a single network for both voice and data.
  • The SPA9000 has an integrated web server that allows features to be configured using a web browser.
  • With it's integrated router, the SPA9000 can be either connected directly to the internet connection, or connected indirectly through another router. The SPA9000 has separate WAN and local network Ethernet ports. The WAN connection can be connect through DHCP, a fixed IP address, or through DHCP. The LAN port can assign IP addresses to IP telephones and computers using NAT and DHCP.
  • While the SPA9000 will work with any SIP compatible IP telephone, it is the ideal host for Linksys business telephones, such as the SPA941. With little additional configuration, the SPA9000 supports the advanced features of these phones, such as shared line appearances, hunt groups, call transfer, call parking lot, and group paging. With its two FXS ports, the SPA9000 can support traditional analog devices such as telephones, answering machines, FAX machines, and media adapters.
  • 2 Ethernet Port LAN + WAN and 2 Port FXS
  • The SPA9000 partners easily with the Linksys suite of IP handsets - SPA 942 and SPA 962

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