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Lintel Bar | Galintel Rendabars

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Lintel Bar, Rendabars is the load bearing bar for supporting brickwork over windows and doors where a rendered finish is required

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Lintel Bar | Galintel Rendabars

Galintel Rendabars are a total load bearing bar specifically designed for supporting brickwork above doors and windows and to facilitate cement rendering.

The bonding of mortar to the brickwork and lintel forms a composite beam of superior strength and structural adequacy.

A minimum 1:4 mortar mix is to be used and applied to all faces between steel and bricks (vertical and horizontal leg). Bricks are to be of a strength at least equal to extruded clay bricks.

Fully Hot Dip Galvanised

All Galintel Rendabars are fully hot dip galvanised to ensure that all surfaces are fully protected. Brickwork cracking caused by rust displacement is virtually eliminated.

Wider Base Support

The width of the platform leg of each Rendabar provides a wide base of support for brickwork, and a generous keying area for cement rendering.

Cost Effective And Lightweight

Distinct advantages are derived from availability, low handling costs, and the elimination of priming, painting, and wire wrapping.

Galintel Rendabars  are considerably lighter than other forms of lintels, substantially contributing to ease of handling, speeds construction and reduces potential damage to green masonry during placement.

Structural Rigidity And Bonding

Mortar bonding with the MRS (Multi Ribbed Section) locks the Rendabar firmly to the masonry by forming a composite beam thus ensuring superior lateral bracing and rigidity.

Rendabars have ample strength and ruggedness to withstand aggressive on-site handling and usage.

Control Joint Information

Where control joints are used as a required structural element loading of the lintel should be reduced by one third.

Compliance With Australian Building Codes

Galintel Rendabars have been extensively tested by Unisearch

Limited, the research and development company of the University of New South Wales, for strength, structural adequacy, and to ensure compliance with all relevant Australian Building Codes. ABSAC approved (Technical opinion No.205).

The steel used conforms to the requirement of AS 3678-250, with a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 410 MPa and yield strength of 280 MPa. Galvanising conforms to AS/NZS 4680:1999 and the relevant sections of AS 3700-1988. Steel in masonry construction shall be Hot Dipped Galvanised to the listed Australian standards and as such a minimum coating of 600g/m2 for any steel section of 5mm or greater is required.


Rendabar spans for each size must be propped or tommed equally when brickwork is laid up rapidly over and above two (2) courses.


  • The inside corner of a Rendabar® lintel is formed to provide clearance which eliminates the need to mitre the back edge of the first course of supported brickwork.
  • The generous width of the platform leg provides a wide base of support to the brickwork.
  • The profile of the platform leg enables bricklayers to cope with brick size irregularities, secure course alignment and required mortar joint thickness.
  • The slots in the platform leg allows moisture from the render to be absorbed into the brickwork accelerating drying time.
  • Rendabar’s provision for mortar bedding to both legs allows composite interlocking of the mortar to the lintel and brickwork, thereby achieving lateral bracing and structural rigidity.