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LISSMAC Automatic Steel Brushing Machine - SBM- B 1000/1500

Supplier: Sheetmetal Machinery

Innovative Surface Technology - The LISSMAC automatic steel brushing machine SBM- B 1000/1500 (1,000 mm & 1500 mm working width) removes the oxide film at inner and outer contours of laser-treated steel sheets and plates in only one step.

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A total of 4 counteracting brushing belt units brush plates and sheets on all sides simultaneously.

Sheets are brushed on both sides at the same time, which saves time, flipping of the sheets or having to process parts twice.

The smooth variable speed feed mechanism (1-10 m/min) guarantees optimal quality of the processed sheets and pieces.

If the oxide film is not removed, this can often lead to serious quality problems during subsequent processing or finishing processes of the laser-treated sheets.

Since neither lacquers, powder coatings nor zinc can establish a stable bond with the metal in the area of this oxide film, the applied coating or paint easily flakes off in large areas.

SBM steel brushing machines are known for their low equipment costs and ease of use as well as their excellent price-performance ratio and associated short amortisation cycles:

  • Removes oxide films from laser-cut metal sheets up to 20 mm thick in just one step
  • Dulls the razor-sharp cut edges
  • Improves the surface quality by removing rust film, dirt and scaling
  • Easy to operate; sheet thickness and brush position is set in seconds with a separate hand wheel and scale.
  • Brush principle ensures even wear-and-tear of the equipment
  • The SBM-B is especially well suited to be operated by only one person. The laser cutting machine and the steel brushing machine are operated simultaneously, which saves time and labour costs.
  • The oil film on the sheet is preserved
  • The thickness of the sheet is preserved
  • Slurry or dust does not have to be extracted
  • Throughput width of 1000 mm and 1500 mm

LISSMAC steel brushing machines ensure the qualitative optimal further processing of the treated steel sheets and plates and assures you will have a competitive edge:

No quality problems during further processing or finishing processes of the laser-treated sheets

  • An end to complaints and returns, no costly reworking of delivered goods
  • The highest level of customer satisfaction strengthens customer loyalty and ensures follow-up orders