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Little or no idea how a search engine actually works

Supplier: Search Digital
25 August, 2009

You simply must understand how a search engine works so you know what to do to work with one! Search engines, like Google, work automatically.

There is no human influence on Google’s results at all (except when a website has been naughty, and is physically removed from Google results).

Search engines are typically made up of three parts – robots, crawlers and spiders; or “bots”.

Robots are essentially automated information collectors. Like humans, they “surf” the internet, following links, finding web pages and sending information back to a central storage computer (the index – see below).

It’s important to ensure that robots have full access to your website and there are no technical issues preventing robots from crawling (accessing) all pages of your website. For instance, robots are unable to follow JavaScript navigation systems, whereas humans can.