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Livestock Feed | Equestrix

Supplier: Rural Chemical Industries (Aust.)

Livestock Feed Equestrix is a pelleted and flavoured vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement which improves and maintains the health, well-being and performance of all recreational, racing and breeding horses and ponies.

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Livestock Feed  | Equestrix

To achieve the best results from animals in training and in competition, we must supply some 40 different dietary components including energy protein, Vitamins and minerals. If only one of them is missing, problems can occur. Most are present naturally in feedstuffs, however rarely in sufficient quantity or in correct balance for animal; under intense working regimes.

Equestrix is recommended for horses, ponies, foals, mares, stallions during weaning, gestation, lactation breeding and showing.

Equestrix is particularly important because animals have poor capacity to store B-complex vitamins and it is necessary that they be supplied daily to ensure the intake of recommended levels of essential nutrients.

Equestrix pellets are simply added to the top of the animal's normal daily feed.It is important Equestrix is used daily.When 2 or more feeds are given daily, Equestrix is divided evenly between the two feeds.

Daily dose rates vary from Foals 15g to Working Stallions 180 g.Equestrix is one of the great RCI range of feed supplements designed for performance animals including:

  • Stomachics to stimulate the gastric juices
  • Iron to build up the blood and increase oxygen flow
  • An activator to give the animal a sense of well being and improve efficiency
  • Potassium and Sodium to replace deficient body metabolites
  • Organic phosphorus to help energy transfer to the muscles
  • B-complex vitamins to convert carbohydrate to energy and generally tone up the animal
  • Vitamin B1 to improve the appetite and calm the animal