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Livestock Feed | Theradiet

Supplier: Rural Chemical Industries (Aust.)

Livestock Feed Theradiet is a Horse & Camel Nutritional Supplement

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Livestock Feed | Theradiet

Horses and racing camels are best fed as individuals rather than in groups to avoid feeding competition. The nutrition of the high performance animal must take into consideration:

  • digestive and metabolic differences among individuals which result in some animals being "hard doers" and others being "easy keepers"
  • performance expectation
  • health status
  • nutrient availability in food ingredients
  • interrelationships among nutrients
  • previous nutritional status
  • climate and environment

To achieve the best results from animals in training and in competition, we must supply some 40 different dietary components including energy protein, Vitamins and minerals. If only one of them is missing, problems can occur. Most are present naturally in feedstuffs, however rarely in sufficient auantity or in correct balance for animal; under intense working regimes.

Theradiet created by Rural Chemical Industries (Aust.) Pty Ltd is the complete nutritional supplement for racing horses and camels:

  • helps muscling up
  • reduces incidence of shifting lameness
  • speeds recovery from hard work
  • improves blood parameters
  • improves overall race performance
  • holds in-form condition longer
  • improves appearance of the skin
  • better general condition

Theradiet is a palatable, high energy, pelleted 23% protein suppplement which supplies all the important minerals, essential vitamins and electrolytes. Theradiet is a complete balancing diet and should be the sole form of supplementation. The protein value is 2½ times that of best grain and energy value is equivalent to best grains so for energy it may be substituted gram for gram with grain.

Theradiet is rich in methionine and lysine and contains additional calcium and phosphorus.

It could not be easier to use - simply add it to the usual feed.

Animals in training come under considerable stress which can upset their finely tuned, balanced body system.

Managing the balance of dietary electrolytes is a key factor in maximising performance particularly in production-limiting environments. The formulation of Theradiet has been engineered to meet the optimal balanced value of Dietary Electrolyte Balance which influences better conditioning and quicker recovery from hard work.

Racing animals suffer from mental as well as physical stress and Heat Stress when operating outside their zone of comfort. This affects Electrolyte Balance also.

Some responses to heat stress are:

  • Reduced feed intake
  • Reduced performance
  • Decreased activity
  • Shade or wind seeking
  • Increased respiratory rate
  • Increased peripheral blood flow and sweating

Theradiet and Theradiet C for camels are a balanced source of essential electrolytes to counteract the effects of heat stress.