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LMR® -900 Flexible Low Loss Communications Coax

Supplier: Rojone

Ideal for…

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  • Medium Antenna Feeder runs (no jumpers required)
  • Jumper Assemblies for 1-5/8” & 2-1/4” Feeders
  • Any application (e.g. WLL, GPS, LMR, WLAN, WISP, WiMax,SCADA, Mobile Antennas) requiring an easily routed,low loss RF cable

LMR®- DB is identical to standard LMR plus has the advantage of being watertight. The addition of waterproofing compound in and around the foil/braid insures continuous reliable service should the jacket be inadvertently damaged during installation or in the future.

LMR® - FR is a non-halogen (non-toxic), low smoke, fire retardant cable designed for in-building runs that can be routed anywhere except air handling plenums. LMR-FR has a UL/NEC & CSA rating of ‘CMR’ and ‘FT4’ respectively. In addition, the LMR-FR series is MSHA-P rated for mining applications.

Flexibility and bendability are hallmarks of the LMR- 900 cable design. The flexible outer conductor enables the tightest bend radius available for any cable of similar size and performance.

Low Loss is another hallmark feature of LMR-900. Size for size LMR has the lowest loss of any flexible cable and comparable loss to semirigid hard-line cables.

RF Shielding is 50 dB greater than typical single shielded coax (40 dB). The multi-ply bonded foil outer conductor is rated conservatively at > 90 dB (i.e. >180 dB between two adjacent cables).

Weatherability: LMR-900 cables designed for outdoor exposure incorporate the best materials for UV resistance and have life expectancy in excess of 20 years.

Connectors: A selection of connectors including type-N, 7/16 DIN, and 7/8 EIA flanges are available for LMR-900. Other interfaces are available on request. Transition to interfaces smaller than type-N is best accomplished with a short jumper cable.

Cable Assemblies: All LMR-900 cable types are available as pre-terminated cable assemblies. Refer to the section on FlexTech for further details.

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