Lo Wrapper stretch wrapper prevents injury

Supplier: Safetech
28 November, 2011

Mormac Packagings customer is a food bank that distributes and exports wholesale food items.


They purchased the manual mast Lo Wrapper to allow them to wrap, boxes, cartons and bags of grain foods, with out the need to have forklift on hand to load the stretch wrapper.

The Problem

The operator of the Low Wrapper has a disability following a car accident and cannot put too much strain on his back and legs. Use of the Lo Wrapper saves a lot of time and prevents strain and potential injury. An improved pallet wrap is also achieved when compared with the prior use of hand wrap. Mormac Packaging understood these problems and were able to recommend a simple and effective solution.

Product Chosen

Lo Wrapper with manual mast.

Benefits of this product

This operation allows this customer to put his disabled staff to work on jobs more suitable for able bodied persons, not to mention the hours saved with labour from the manual method.

The operator is able to use the wrapper with a crossover method on the corners which allows for a much greater load stability, this method would be difficult to do manually.


The alternative to this operation is the customer would only be able to use his able bodied staff to wrap the pallets manually.