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LongReach Telescopic Conveyor Options

Supplier: LongReach Telescopic Conveyors
09 October, 2008

The LongReach Telescopic Conveyor is available in a wide range of models to service both 20' and 40' containers, trailers and rigid trucks

The LongReach is uniquely designed to service a diverse range of industries and as a result various options are available.

Popular Configurations:


Multiple doorways can easily be serviced by one single Boom by fitting sideways traverse wheels. Both manual push and powered options are available.


In applications where goods are transferred to/from another conveyor it is possible to modify the belt path of the Boom and position the transfer point closer to the front of the conveyor. This option is especially valuable where space is at a premium or the width of the loading dock is restricted.


The addition of this option will improve the ergonomics by making it easier to manually handle freight at the different levels within the confined workspace. This may be a necessity if the docking area for the containers and vans has an excessive up and down slope.


No Dock...No Problem. The Boom can easily be manufactured with a raised platform ensuring correct height for trucks, trailers and containers. Traverse and Tilt options can be incorporated in high level mounting ensuring optimal performance form your LongReach Conveyor.