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LongReach telescopic conveyors the safer, faster & smarter alternative.

Supplier: LongReach Telescopic Conveyors
09 October, 2008


The use of the LongReach telescopic conveyor in the loading and unloading process eliminates the need to operate a forklift within the confined space of the truck, trailer and container reducing the risk of crushing related injuries.

The LongReach is ergonomically designed and enables operators to maintain a constant a safe working height. Operators quickly and easily stack products at a constant height reducing the risk of injury often caused by the constant twisting, bending and reaching when palletising in-situ.

LongReach conveyors eliminate the need to stack pallets inside the container, minimising the risk of injury often associated with the lifting, dragging and stacking of pallets when palletising in-situ. How safe is your loading and unloading operation?

Using a LongReach conveyor in the loading and unloading process can increase your productivity by up to
50%. It is all about "Continuous Flow"

Using LongReach conveyors to load and unload enables operators to provide a continuous flow of goods into or out of the truck. The constant stoping and starting associated with palletising in-situ is significantly reduced as operators are no longer required to wait while pallets are taken to and from the container. The LongReach enables operators to work at a constant and continuous rate. The nominal rate realised by a LongReach telescopic conveyor users is around 20 cartons per minute.

The time required to load and unload can easily be calculated using this data. For example, a container loaded with 800 cartons will normally be unloaded in 40 minutes (800 cartons divided by 20 cartons per minute). To keep up with the operator inside the container it is normal to find two operators positioned at dock level palletising with a forklift operator in support. A quick calculation highlights that this method uses 160 labour minutes or 2.7 labour hours. How much is your loading and unloading operation costing you?

The use of LongReach telescopic conveyors in your operation will enable your facility to increase safety and efficiency. Supervisors have the ability to see first hand the productivity achieved by the LongReach system by the stream of product entering or exiting the container.

Longreach conveyors enable trucks to have a faster turnaround due to the shorter time frame involved with the loading and unloading process. Organisations are provided with the means to schedule deliveries providing a cost effective and efficient operation. The reduction in loading and unloading times also enables organisations to avoid penalty costs (demurrage) which are often incurred after the initial hour, and amount to more than $50 per hour.

The LongReach telescopic conveyor is a vital element in achieving a safer, faster and smarter work environment when handling lose freight. Contact LongReach now to see how a LongReach will help you.

So how do you handle your loose freight?