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LPG System | Farm Applications | FarmPak

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Every dairy farmer needs a reliable, cost efficient means of producing hot water as and when it’s needed.

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Now here’s a specially designed system that fits that requirement perfectly...LPG System | Farm Applications | FarmPak

Benefits of LPG System | Farm Applications | FarmPak

  • Operating costs are not dominated by peak tariff penalties.
  • Hot Water can be obtained at any required time 24 hours a day.
  • Hot Water storage cylinder size can be reduced due to the quick recovery rates of the boiler.
  • Quicker heat-up times after power failures are achieved.
  • It can provide relief for existing overloads on electric supply.
  • Eliminate high electricity installation costs for new dairies.
  • Eliminate replacement costs of electric elements
  • Provide more flexibility of operation for the dairy farmer.
  • FarmPak performs well even in hard water locations.

LPG System | Farm Applications | FarmPak - Cost Effective Solutions For Farmers

With LP Gas being used more and more in the various farming enterprises around the country, its true versatility as a premium fuel is constantly being demonstrated.

A tank on a farm can supply fuel for:

  • grain drying
  • weed control
  • automotive fuel for any petrol motor
  • partial substitute on diesel motors
  • cooking, heating and hot water plus lights in the home
  • cotton ginning for drying and re-humidifying
  • power boilers at feed lots and processing plants
  • fuelling SCARE guns for bird control
  • fuel for the family barbecue
  • bore pumps.

Not bad for a single fuel!

LPG System | Farm Applications | FarmPak - Totally Controllable Hot Water as and When it’s Needed

The LPG System | Farm Applications | FarmPak comprises a highly efficient 99MJ boiler fuelled by LPG, a recirculating pump and a hot water cylinder.

The LPG System | Farm Applications | FarmPak boiler will heat a 180 litre (40 gallon) cylinder of water to the requisite sterilising temperature of 95¼C in around 40 minutes; heating a 270 litre cylinder of water to 95¼C takes just 65 minutes.

Switch the heater on when you begin milking, or set it to come on automatically by timeclock, and when it is time for washing down, you'll have the required volume of water at the right temperature each and every time!

What’s more, you can have all the hot water you need, whenever you want it, without having to worry about penalising tariffs. You can be sure of top quality milk without burning a hole in your pocket!

Once the unit is up to temperature, LPG System | Farm Applications | FarmPak provides you with all the hot water you need for ancillary cleaning, heating and washing down.

LPG System | Farm Applications | FarmPak - The Safe, Sure and Hygienic Energy Source

LPG System | Farm Applications | FarmPak gives you control over your energy needs. With a propane gas-fuelled hot water system, you’re never at the mercy of power cuts or transmission failure.

As a pure, high-grade fuel, propane vaporized from -44 ¼C, so it's always reliable, even on the coldest winter morning and until the tank is completely empty.

A perfectly clean fuel, producing mostly water and CO2 as by-products of its combustion, propane is ideal for use in areas like milking sheds where hygiene is important.

LP Gas being pressurised needs no pumping to move it around a system and cannot be contaminated with rain or rust, as it is a closed loop system.