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LPT Australia

The Laser Printer Terminal (LPT) is a Canberra-based business that buys, refurbishes and sells quality laser printers.

We market our refurbished printers to individuals, small businesses, schools and colleges throughout Australia.

We aim to provide a quality product that will provide years of reliable service at less than half the original price of the printer.

We focus on HP and Lexmark laser printers as these are the market leaders and they have a reputation for quality and reliability. We sell genuine HP and Lexmark toner cartridges at very competitive prices.

We offer a range of remanufactured toner cartridges that can significantly reduce the operating costs of our printers. We sell printer accessories and parts including maintenance kits and reconditioned fusers.

We sell refurbished laser printers - not just used printers that have had a superficial clean. We aim to restore all of our printers as close as possible to new condition.

We aim to ensure that they will give years of trouble free service rather than simply work for the duration of the warranty period. The cost of refurbishing (including a re-built fuser, paper path kit, additional memory, a premium remanufactured toner cartridge, updated firmware) accounts for more than half of the sale price of our printers.

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