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LRM Technologies

Laser Resources was founded in 1992 to promote the use of laser technology and related products for industry in Australia and New Zealand, using the best available sources of technology from Europe. The Laser Resources Team aims to cooperatively develop and implement the use of laser technologies in industry to help customers take advantage of the benefits of laser material processing. Laser Resources offers complete service and support including factory trained technicians, for each of the products it sells. Laser Resources also welcomes customer enquiries for service, support and application assistance for all laser related systems.

Additionally, Laser Resources offers products from the following companies. Robot Technology – Robot based laser cutting, both stand alone robots and complete robot cells. Precitec - Process heads for Cutting and monitoring units, Welding heads with seam tracking and process monitoring and gluing process monitoring. DILAS - Diode components, arrays and complete fibre coupled units. LaserVision - Safety glasses to meet ANZS 1337.4 plus safety glass, curtains and Laser safety training software.

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Laser Resources Management (LRM) was founded in 1992 to develop and promote new laser related technologies for industry in Australia and New Zealand, using the best available sources of technology from Europe. The aim was to cooperatively develop the implementation of these technologies in industry taking advantage of the benefits laser material processing has to offer.
Some of the exciting developments in which LRM has been involved include:
• Micro laser processing – used for example to drill the gas jets for the torches for the 2000 Olympics
• Tailor welded blanks – used in automotive applications to join un equal thickness metal sheets
• Laser marking
• Laser cutting of metals, plastics, and other materials
• Laser welding of both metal and plastics

LRM is the exclusive distributor for Rofin laser products – covering micro, macro and marking applications………

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