Lubemaster and transformer oil conditioning

Supplier: Clean Oil Services By: R Smith
21 April, 2010

Lubemaster is enjoying success in the transformer oil cleaning business; in fact we have developed a process which utilises the Lubemaster in conjunction with our Fullers Earth system, which allows for the total cleaning of transformer oil, regardless of its original condition.

Once the PCB content has been checked and found to be below limits, Lubemaster can do the rest. Firstly by removing particle contamination with centrifuge filtration, then reducing moisture levels to 6 to 12 ppm by vacuum dehydration which also degasses the oil as it goes.

Then our Fullers Earth attachment will reduce acid to very low levels and provided there are no PCBs can completely eliminate the need to dispose of transformer oil in all instances. Where very old oil is being restored, an anti-oxidant additive can be added to the oil to restore anti-oxidation values.

Disposing of used transformer oil is now a thing of the past. Dielectric strength will be restored to top end numbers (around 78+ mV) and colour restoration is made simple by Fullers Earth which filters to 1µm and will restore a dirty brown acidic oil to a nice light amber with acid levels usually below 0.03 mgKOH/gm.

With our OS1200 unit, flow rates of 140 lpm (36 gal/min) or 8,400 litres per hour (2,220 gals per hour), downtimes are really reduced for servicing large transformers. This unit is fully mobile and can be built onto its own trailer or dedicated truck for transport.

Many heater options are also available depending on the customers power supply. Of course for the smaller transformers and in workshops, we may not need the high flow so we revert to our standard OS600 at 70 lpm (18 gpm). These machines are proving very useful in the small to medium transformer repair shops.

Next time you think about calling the recyclers to dispose of that transformer oil, think about our transformer oil cleaning systems - we will even come and clean it for you - How is that for an environmental saviour.

Clean Oil Services provides all service and equipment built to environmental friendly standards.