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Lubricant | BALLISTOL

Supplier: Permanent Painted Coatings

General Lubrication BALLISTOL can be used to lubricate practically anything on and around cars, boats, motorcycles etc..

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If it squeaks, if it binds - BALLISTOL it! Since BALLISTOL is non-toxic and does not contain any carcinogenic substances, it is safe for use inside a car or boat in areas where people might touch it. Since it becomes practically odorless approximately 20 minutes after application, its smell will not be a nuisance to people traveling in a vehicle.

You can lubricate practically any material with BALLISTOL. BALLISTOL can be used on all metals and all plastics. Zippers on convertibles (Jeep etc.), door hinges, locks, antennas, switches, threads on lugs and nuts, adjustable seals, sliding car windows etc. can be lubricated with BALLISTOL.

Cleaning and Maintenance BALLISTOL works well on leather and wood. It prevents leather from becoming brittle and protects it against humidity. Between 2 and 6 fl. oz. of BALLISTOL mixed with an average size bucket of cold water can be used as car polish. Apply the mixture with a clean sponge, wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth and enjoy the new shine of your car's old paint.

Treat your plastic dash board with BALLISTOL. Unlike other products BALLISTOL will not make your dash board crack.

Wooden appliances in luxury cars or RVs or vinyl seat covers can be maintained and cleaned with BALLISTOL. Apply in pure form to wood and use 1 part BALLISTOL with 10 parts water on vinyl (one quart of BALLISTOL with 2.5 gallons of water).

BALLISTOL removes tar and insect stains and protects, cleans and shines chrome plated parts.

Wire pulls can be maintained and kept in smooth operating condition with BALLISTOL. Apply to steel wire. BALLISTOL will creep along the wires. Since BALLISTOL will never gum up, it will not become a problem in your wire pulls later. Gearshifts, throttle cables, break and clutch cables on motorcycles etc. can all be kept up with BALLISTOL.

For more information on the application of the BALLISTOL lubricant, please click here.